Friends of Tattnall Square Park partnered with Macon-Bibb to restore the entire eastern corner of the park, removing a parking lot that cut off access to the park, laying new sod, and adding new irrigation along with over 100 new trees, purchased largely with private donations by neighbors who love the park.  We also partnered with the city to restore the original diagonal path into the park from Oglethorpe and College Street: a brick inlayed path lined with American elms and black tupelo trees.  

The path contains two “history nooks,” which tell the remarkable story of this ancient path through the park—a small section of one of the oldest paths in North America.  Originally used by mastodons, then later by paleo-Indians and Creek Indians, and still later by early Americans as part of Thomas Jefferson’s “Old Federal Road” to the Louisiana Purchase, the “Old Federal Road/Lower Creek Trail” leads pedestrians on a walk through history.  Friends of Tattnall Square Park also designed a stone terrace for small concerts, along with theater productions.  A generous donation to Friends of Tattnall Square Park, along with SPLOST funding made the project possible.